The system for identifying and observing scientific and indigenous theories and innovations

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About System

This system has been created for the specific purpose of identifying and observing indigenous scientific theories and innovations and supporting contemporary contemporaries. This system is the result of the joint cooperation of the Institute of Social Sciences and Revolution of the Islamic Azad University with the secretariat of the board of support for free-thinking seats, the theory and critique and debate of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution. This Somoni will once more show the importance that the secretariat of the board of advisers for the theory, critique and debate of the university and the institution of the university in a common position want to identify and provide scientific innovations in various fields of humanities and religious education.

  • Establishment and preparation of reports and analysis of theories
  • Context for introducing scientific innovations
  • Announcement of theories, opinions and scientific criticisms
  • The scientific rankings of these experts on the basis of the criteria of the plan
  • Creating the possibility of planning to reward and support scholars
  • The compilation of a record of the scientific records and records of these scholars
  •   The state of science of the scientific community of the country in terms of the capacity of theorizing in the humanities
Reporting and analysis

Establishment and preparation of reports and analysis of contemporary native theories, views and critiques

The entrance of scientific innovations

Innovating for the introduction of scientific innovations identified in the process of seats

Planning to rejoice

Creating the possibility of planning to reward and support innovative thinkers


Informing about theories and critiques of science and providing background for their application, as the case may be

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Qazvin Islamic Azad University
Shahid Beheshti University
Allameh Tabataba'i University

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